Hotel. Apartment. Home.

We aim to be much more than a hotel, a lifestyle. A hotel where that welcomes you in a different manner, close and personal, without any filters, authentic. As if we were a second home for all those who visit us. Tangibly, a hotel; intangibly, that sense of belonging. Sitting on the top of a building with more than 50 years of history, which becomes a haven to those who come inside and choose to live here. This is where experiences live. This is where authenticity comes to stay. On the rooftop terrace, imagination soars over everything else. One gaze finds all the possibilities. There is a place like this: your own Three House.

Above all, a home. 

Eat. Taste. Share.

After the island buzz, finally at your shelter. On the terrace of this house, you can contemplate at ease. Enjoy the peace instilled by the vastness of one of the best views in Funchal. In this ethereal space, you can find well-deserved rest, comfort and fun. You're surrounded by the sea, the city, and the mountain – this is the stage of our house, our rooftop with 1,000-square metres of mediterranean gardens, nestled relaxing cornes, sofas, sunbeds and of course, lots of tasty treats. At the top of our tree you will find our Cocktail Bar where creativity dictates the rules, whether for one of our signature cocktails, a specialty coffee or one of our Chef Mauricio Faria's gastronomic world fusion delights.


Endless. Horizon. Views.

In a region marked by capricious landscapes and a horizon that is out of sight, elements that mark the rhythm of the days for calm and tranquility. In our house you will find details designed to provide you with the sensations that the island contains. 

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