Food. Craft Coffee. Cocktails.

Rising from our roots and nestled under our screened porch, our third-floor restaurant is literally the heart of our treehouse. Serving brunch, lunch and dinner, we invite you to sit down at any time of the day and let us prepare a home-cooked meal.

Flavorful. Food. Fusion.

With an exciting and balanced palette, Chef Maurício Faria's menu combines market-fresh Madeiran ingredients with a fusion of world flavors. Most of our meals will be cooked right in front of you on the Josper Robatta, a Japanese-inspired charcoal grill that conveys the true flavor of your food for you while putting on a culinary show.

We don't do things the easy way, and you can prove it.
Whether it's our locally sourced, knife-cut granola, soft hand-mashed baos or freshly chopped pico de gallo, at Three House, almost everything on our menu is made by us, not bought. And what we can't do, let's buy from our world's highest quality suppliers, or our friends at Mercado dos Lavradores just below.

Raw beauty, and something more.

Our chef plays with a fusion of flavors, but our technique and presentation allow the natural beauty of each bite to shine through. We wanted the design of our restaurant to play with this same idea, creating a synergy of contemporary lines with organic products.

Sitting in our restaurant, you'll feel like you're hollowed out of our tree trunk - surrounded by warm wood, uneven clay-painted walls and cool stone surfaces. At another restaurant, those stunning views of the city and sea might be distracting from the meal, but here, they add to that.

Find a place to whisper and toast with your love, or join in the laughter and socialize with your new Three House family. Our team is always on hand to keep the wine flowing or help you choose the perfect dish.